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How to Keep Your Brain Chemistry Always Stable and Healthy

brain chemicals, neurotransmitters

The Nervous System is the command center of the body. Understanding its chemistry helps you to value your brain's health seriously.

So, what is the  brain chemistry?

It is the totality of chemical messaging in the brain for the daily functions of your body such as generating movement, speaking, thinking, listening, regulating the systems of the body, and countless others. These chemical communicators are called "neurotransmitters". They  transmit the message from one neuron to neuron. Neurons are the brain cells responsible for making up the language in your brain and entire nervous system.

There are billions of neurons in the brain and all of them are  communicating across small spaces called synapses. Brain has receptors that accept the chemical messages released by a neuron charged to action. They are located on the surface of the neuron.

There is a "lock and key" system in the communication which is taking place in your brain. The  chemical message is attached to a particular receptor site that recognizes it. Then, a different neuron triggers a "go" signal to prompt the neuron to pass the message to the other brain cells, or "stop" to prevent the message from being forwarded.

A neuron may be receiving several messages (stop and go) from other neurons surrounding it. These neurotransmitters may be competing for  different responses or working together for a particular end. Only about a split second that this action takes place. It implies that a neurotransmitter must be cleared away to activate a receptor again and again.

  1. Reuptake - chemical message must be pumped back  into the nerve ending it comes from.
  2. Be destroyed by the enzymes near the receptor sites.
  3. Be pread out into the surrounding area of the brain and be destroyed there.

The Four Important Brain Chemicals in Your Brain

Brain chemicals are called neurotransmitters. They influence feelings and moods. Their presence in the body are vital for your body to function normally each day. But they have to be in abundant supply or a well-balanced levels.

  1. Dopamine
  2. Glutamate
  3. Norepeniphrine
  4. Serotonin

What happens when there is a chemical imbalance in your brain?

Serotonin for instance, is dependent on digestive system since it is synthesized at about 90% in the gut.  From this finding, it can be inferred that taking good care of your gut and diets will potentially get your serotonin level high.

If these important chemicals in the brain are in low levels, there'll be mood disorders, learning disabilities, substance abuse and muscle weakness as stated below:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Alcoholism
  • Chronic fatigue system or CFS
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

How to restore and keep your brain chemistry stable and healthy?

There is much confusing things to think over when it comes to restoring the balance of your brain chemicals. Some would pattern after these two solutions:

  • Undo the stress-triggering external factors to boost their levels.
  • Maintain a healthy diet plans to prevent or overcome stress from occuring.

Whichever way you go, it will be fine. Our behaviors and feelings are influenced by both internal and the external environments. Internal environment would refer to healthy dieting,the so-called "we are what we eat" which is scientifically proven as true in essence.


Afterall, it is popularly known that "all disease begins in the gut."

On the other hand,  you may surround yourself with positive people and indulge in mind-boosting activities. These strategies help to reduce stresses you are prompted with. When stress is at minimal level, most likely your serotonin has gradually peak up.  So, find out which situation do you need to go first to regain chemical balance in your brain.



Our body is governed by brain chemicals  from mood to feelings that constitute our well being. However, there levels need to be kept in balance to keep them in optimal functioning. Since, their production levels are dependent on what we ingest into our body, we ought to be watchful of what we eat and drink.


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